Carol Tetz Rick

Carol Tetz Rick



Short story: Married to Glen Rick, 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Lived in US for 20 years (Washington, Indiana and Idaho). Glen started school industries. I taught, was secretary/pastoral assistant at Auburn Academy church, mom, and now Nana.

We presently live in Aldergrove BC. 1969 How could we know where life would take us after our 1969 Grad? God leads in unexpected ways!

I grew up at CUC, so lived at home during our senior year, and missed much of the fun of dorm life! After grad and Walla Walla I married Glen Rick, who, after 47 years of marriage, still makes me laugh!

1972-1985: We lived in Aldergrove BC where he taught (and I taught public school Home Ec for 2 years, then had 2 boys, Tim and Tyler.

1985-2000: We were at Auburn Academy, where Glen started a business that employed students to earn their tuition. I was church secretary there for most of that time for 2 wonderful pastors – Lee Venden and Greg Nelson. In 2000, our school business expanded to Indiana. After living in the Pacific Northwest, with mountains and oceans, the Midwest had flat fields of corn and soybeans. Friendly people, but it was not “home”.

2006: We moved back to Aldergrove to care for Glen’s Dad until he passed away.

2012: Our oldest son moved here with new baby and epileptic wife (and 2 dogs and a cat). It was a difficult experience. After 2 years the marriage fell apart, and little girl went to Minnesota with mother. Divorce, custody battles, and expensive court hearings began and still continue…

2014: We moved to Gem State Academy in Idaho to operate a 12 acre school market garden. A challenging and busy year.

2015: Everything changed the next January when Glen had a massive brain hemorrhage. God was with us through it. We had amazing medical care, doctors, and therapists, and finally a Gamma Ray procedure to cauterize the site. He has totally recovered (except some short term memory, which he good-naturedly deals with).

2015: We moved back to Canada. We attend Church in the Valley, a large Seventh-day Adventist church in Aldergrove/Langley. You may enjoy seeing it’s innovative programs at The joy of my life are our 3 sweet grandchildren (my dad says I’m “smitten”) as many of you grandparents understand! We enjoy living in such a beautiful place. We’re minutes from the Aldergrove/Lynden border crossing, with views of Mt Baker and blueberry fields of the Fraser Valley. Between helping at the church and Glen’s renovation projects for people, we visit our grandkids in Walla Walla and Minneapolis, and my parents, who still live in Lacombe. I plan to be at the class reunion next week.

Thank you, Janice, for your professional and persistent way of getting our class together!

Carol Tetz Rick served as Secretary of our CUC High School Class of 69.