Dianne Smith Straub

Dianne Smith Straub



I am so grateful for the three years spent at CUC as a high school student. I roomed with Barbara Willinger for grade 10 and with Patsy Anderson for most of grade 11 and 12. Patsy and I were campus-bound for attending a Heritage Singers concert in Red Deer. I remember scaling the wall and window trim to get to our second floor room in Maple Hall. Lots of fun times!

As I look back over my life’s story, a number of key events come to mind that feel very God-directed. Dwayne and I married a couple months after high school grad. Our family of two children, Marty and Kara, has expanded to include spouses and three delightful young grandchildren. Another unexpected turn is that both Dwayne and I had huge careers at the university. I was Assistant to the VP Academic and Dwayne was high school and then college Dean, where our combined years of service total over 50 years. It entailed many years of high output, but the rewards of working with so many collegiate students made it all worth while.

These past six years of so-called retirement have been very busy! Dwayne and I enjoy tackling all sorts of projects: home renovations for family, as well as our own home inside and out. This past winter we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to Mesa, Arizona. We were surprised that we enjoyed it so much and ended up buying and completely renovating a modular home. We also enjoy creating various forms of art, including the framing of Kara’s encaustic paintings. The highlight of last summer was her wedding in our back yard, complete with the making of three huge faux stained glass windows. Our bed and breakfast, www.elizabethview.ca, is most enjoyable as well, with this summer’s guests coming from Berlin, Australia, Korea and various locations across Canada.

The reality that we are not so young anymore does surface at times. The recent passing of my mother, who was our last remaining parent, reminds us of the brevity of this life and that we now hold the torch of being the older generation! Living next to a university campus does combat that a little. There are so many amazing programs available. Perhaps more of you should move this way. It could be like old times! ☺