Don Dubyna

Don Dubyna



If someone would have said to me when I left grade 12, “Don Dubyna in 50 years Janice Bell will ask you for a paragraph outlining your years of life after high school.” I would never have quessed that I would say, “at age 22 I will travel around the world. At age 24 I will get married and in time have 3 kids and 8 grandkids. For most of my working life I will enjoy farming. And 46 years after grad I will retire!”

Someone gave me this advice ,”when you finish one trip, start planning the next one.” I have tried to follow this advice resulting in mission and holiday trips!

Janice Bell , thank you, thank you, for being a fantastic class president!

My family: Our kids and grandkids all live in Alberta. Charlene is retired from teaching and life is good!

My life motto: Enjoy every day!

The most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: Singapore

Trait I admire most in a person: A person with a positive personality.

The books on my bedside table are: Chicken Soup Stories, National Geographic magazines

Song that reminds me of our senior year: Hey Jude

I can never have too many: Holidays

Biggest surprise about life: We get old way too fast!

CUC teacher or classmate I wish to honor: Victor Fitch and Janice Bell

Advice I would give to a graduating senior: Do something every day just for fun.