Elgin Campbell

Elgin Campbell



After CUC I worked in the oil patch and forest industies usually as a truck driver. There were many challenges and adventures with a few heartbreaks. Most of the time life has been fun and rewarding. There are mostly good people in our world and Im grateful to have known many.

My family: My wife Irene has put up with me for many years. My son Michael and his wife Sami have a daughter, Journey and a son, Meekin. I’m blessed with three beautiful daughters, Eulanda, Simone and Vicki. Vicki has two sons, Patrick and Chritopher.

My work: I still work in the patch for Energetic Services.

Most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: In 2004 bought a new truck and went to work for Harvey Samograd. We picked up freight all over California but mostly the Los Angeles area.

Trait I admire most in a person: honesty

Favourite CUC memory: Hockey and skating on the outdoor rink.

Elgin Campbell served as Vice-President of our CUC High School Class of 69.