Elizabeth Knight Chamberlain

Elizabeth Knight Chamberlain



I am still married (last time I checked anyway) to Jerry from the Oshawa area, have 2 sons who are both married and the oldest one has our 3 grandkiddoes -all live in the area. I retired from nursing after 38 years, Jerry retired from mill work, and we sold off our businesses; spending our winters in Yuma, Arizona now and our summers at the lake.

My work: Nursing for 38 years.

My life motto: Leave the world a better place than when you came into it.

Most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: Belize

Trait I admire most in a person: Honesty

Favourite CUC memory: Too many for this space!

The books on my bedside table are: I rarely read, I knit.

I can never have too many: Friends

Song that always puts me in a good mood: Stay on the Sunny Side of Life

My next big project: Enjoying life

CUC teacher I wish to honor: Mrs. Riesberg

Advice I would give to a graduating senior: Dream and dream big!