Janice Ilchuk Mansfield

Janice Ilchuk Mansfield



Attending CUC for grades 11 and 12 was a life changing experience for me, after having grown up on a small farm outside the community of Mannville, AB. It opened up a whole new world of friendship, and was the groundwork for the career and life I have had ever since.

My family: My eldest, Mandy, lives in San Jose, CA where she and her husband work in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. They have given me a grandson, Austin, who will be 3 in August. And they are blessing me with a granddaughter in July.

My daughter, Kenna, lives in Toronto with her partner Josh and her stepdaughter Taylor. She works for our Mansfield group of companies.

My son Morgan lives in West Vancouver and works for the Mansfield companies.

My work: I started down the road of nursing, attending Branson School of Nursing in Ontario before realizing that it wasn’t my calling. I recalled Mr. Goodburn remarking on my writing ability so went back to school to Ryerson University in Toronto where I attained my Journalism degree. I started out working for the Broadcast division of Canadian Press in Toronto, and then moved to Edmonton where I worked as the Legislative Reporter for CP. After our family moved to Vancouver I worked in our family businesses (automotive, commercial real estate), looked after my 3 small children and served on the boards of various organizations. When my daughters became competitive show jumpers I created my Communications firm, Janus Communications Inc., through which I covered high performance sports events at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, California, the 2004 Olympics in Greece, World Endurance Championships in Dubai, etc.. I worked with the BC Ministry of Sport as a sports consultant, served as Canada Games mission staff and consulted for Aboriginal sports. In 2011 when our family purchased a manufacturing company in Nebraska I was ready for a new challenge and decided to use my “transferable skills” to run the company. I now commute between West Vancouver, Nebraska and my house in Palm Desert. Thank goodness for technology!

Change I wish to see in the world: That the world’s leaders take a deep breath, and hope that the political climate in the US changes. I know my wish isn’t realistic!

My life motto: No regrets. Live every day to the fullest. We don’t know how many days we have been given to spend on this earth.

Where I turn for inspiration: My very close extended family and some very special friends.

Most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively across Europe, Asia, North America. Most fascinating places: Dubai, South Korea.

Trait I admire most in a person: Sense of humor

Best advice a teacher gave me in high school: Mr. Goodburn: encouraged me to pursue writing.

Favourite CUC memory: Graduation year and fun times down by the lake!

The books on my bedside table are: Current selection from my book club: Three Cups of Tea

I can never have too many: Grandchildren. And shoes!

Risk worth taking: Making a major life change that is uncomfortable, but that you know in your heart is the right thing to do.

Rule to break: Speed limit signs. I consider them just a suggestion!

My next big project: Continuing to grow my company in Nebraska.

CUC teacher I wish to honor: Mr. Goodburn

Advice I would give to a graduating senior: Life isn’t fair. Don’t expect it to be. Don’t use bad experiences as an excuse for not pursuing your goals; even if you fail, keeping trying.