Kathryn Jackson Egolf

Kathryn Jackson Egolf



Well, here we are 50 years later!! That’s a lot of living… and yet seems to have gone by quickly!

We have everything in common you and I…. ‎Joy and sorrow, love and loss, memories and tears, brothers and sisters we love, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters! Parents we miss…Life’s challenges …wins and defeats! Prayers answered the way we want….and those not. Failures and triumphs!

The path of 50 years has had its tears…and deepest joys as well. I don’t know your story, but it will be great to see you again and maybe reminisce a little.

My family: I have wonderful children—Jennifer and Olavi her partner and Johnathan and his partner Julia. I am so blessed!

My work: I have taught church school for 23 years or so….. love it! Still substitute teaching in the central Alberta area.

My life motto: “Why not me?”

Where I turn for inspiration: The Bible

Most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: Finland

Trait I admire most in a person: Kindness

Favourite CUC memory: The screech owl that we kept by the Science room door outside…its nightly screeching scared us all until we figured it out!

Biggest surprise about life: I still believe in faith, hope, love, honesty, friendship, and truth.

Song that always puts me in a good mood: Summer of ’69!!

Risk worth taking: Love of course.

CUC teacher or classmate I wish to honor: Anyone who has suffered…….yes, that is all of us.

Advice I would give to a graduating senior: Take God with you.