Manly Hyde

Manly Hyde



After reading the other Bios I am duly impressed what the members of the class of 1969 have accomplished with their lives and families. Here is my summary:

After graduating in 1969 I stayed one more year at CUC and then transferred to Pacific Union College. However in the summer in between I worked in the Jacobson Brothers sawmill in Williams Lake, BC. earning money for college. I returned there every summer until I started Medical School at Loma Linda in 1973. After graduating in 1976 I did my internship at Kettering Medical Center in Kettering, Ohio and followed that with a 6 month stay at a mission hospital in Thailand. After trying a Family Practice residency in Orlando, I moved to Michigan and completed my General Surgery Residency there. It was there that I met my wife Mary Jane but being the procrastinator that I am it took us another 15 years to get together and for us to get married.

After finishing my surgery residency I went back to Loma Linda for my Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency. Those were exciting times then with the start of the heart transplant program and the Baby Fae baboon heart transplant with Dr. Bailey. That was followed by a 6 month fellowship at the National Heart Hospital in London and from there I joined the cardiac surgery team at Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles for the next 20 years. It was during that time that I married my wonderful wife Mary Jane and our two amazing girls were born, Elizabeth and Mary Cate. (I may hold the record for the youngest children, 20 and 17 respectfully).

After 20 years at Kaiser I decided to take early retirement, a benefit that was too good to not take and we moved to Maine. That lasted one year and after a trip back to California I was offered a position at St. Helena Hospital by John Jacobson, MD. He had been my chief at Loma Linda and he is related to the Jacobsons from Williams Lake. I am still working at St. Helena and probably am as busy as ever and plan on continuing to work as long as I am able as the high College expenses are now upon us.

Our youngest daughter Mary Cate just graduated from High School last week, (50 years from the class of 1969) and will be attending Princeton in the fall. Our oldest daughter Elizabeth will be a junior at Pepperdine and she loves it. She has picked up my travel bug and spent the last year in Heidelberg, Germany and is currently in China doing a summer internship there.

I have had the opportunity to travel to many places including mission stints in Thailand, Nepal, New Guinea, Tanzania, and Saudi Arabia and I thoroughly enjoyed those experiences.

I am very much looking forward to getting together with my classmates from the “Class of 69, the Greatest Class of all Time!”

Most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: New Guinea

Trait I admire most in a person: Persistence

Best advice a teacher gave me in high school: You can do it!

Favourite CUC memory: Running around Lake Barnett, getting up at 3 am to milk cows.

Biggest surprise about life: Time flies.

Risk worth taking: Going to Medical School

CUC teacher I wish to honor: Victor Fitch

Advice I would give to graduating senior: Go for your dreams