Patsy Anderson Trefz

Patsy Anderson Trefz



I am more or less a person of few words so the statements below captured pretty well all I might want to say! Aloha!

My family: Spouse: Dale
Three children: Raya; Tena (grandchildren: Lotus, Opal, Gus); Tyler (spouse Laura and grandson Oden)
Extended Family: Had Anderson Reunion 2018 with 100 plus in attendance

My work: Home Health Physical Therapist practicing with Kohala Home Health on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA.

Change I wish to see in the world: Principle that we are all broken but yet equal.

My life motto: “Show up”

Where I turn to for inspiration: Spiritual mentors

Most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: Barbados on Maranatha Trip

Trait I admire most in a person: Ability to see the humor in life!

Best advice a teacher gave me in high school: Mrs. Fitch, Music Teacher: “Practice!”

Favorite CUC memory: Remember toilet papering Harvey’s room for his birthday.

The books on my bedside table are: Bible translation: The Remedy

Song that most reminds me of our senior year: “He Touched Me” by Bill and Gloria Gaither

I can never have too many: Chocolates

Biggest surprise about life: I thought I was in control only to find out that we live in a sin filled world with many surprises of pain, death, loss, and grief but God’s love shines through it all.

Song that always puts me in a great mood: “Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills…”

Risk worth taking: Swimming with dolphins in the ocean and listening as they communicate 🙂

Rule to break: Eat dessert last!

My next big project: Retire!

CUC classmate I wish to honor: Eugene Radomsky: Gloria and Eugene spent time with Dale and me at Loma Linda University in California when he was going to dental school. We used to play Rook for many an evening so it was in the later years when he came to Hawaii we brought out the Rook game and Eugene was at the point where he could no longer match the numbers and colors; but yet he could still talk about the Sabbath School lesson for that week. As I think about his spirit for life, I move forward, lifting him up as a true inspiration in my life.

Advice I would give to a graduating senior: Be flexible!

Update from Patsy on May 8, 2019: 

Dale has had a pacemaker that has been pacing 100% since January 2017 when he had medical crisis with cardiac arrest.  Since then he has decreased endurance and shortness of breath with an intervention 5-6-19 to put in a third lead into a different part of his heart.  It was successful but with ensuing follow up medical appointments into June when he will need rides as not being able to drive I have decided not to come to the 50th reunion.  Sending greetings and hugs with Gloria Radomsky who has been visiting with us for the past week along with Karen Wecker (Barry Wecker’s sister).  Blessings to everyone, hope to make it to the next big one!  And Hilltop Haven here in Hawaii is always open for friends and family!

Blessings and Have a Great Weekend, Aloha Patsy