Susan (Susie) Astleford Chamberlain

Susan (Susie) Astleford Chamberlain



My family: Ivan and I have two girls, Wendy and Renee. We have one grandchild, Wendy’s daughter Tessa, who is four. We have a grand dog and cat, who belong to Renee!

My work: Hairdressing is my current occupation.

Where I turn for inspiration: The power of God’s creation does a lot to lift my heart!

Most interesting place I have traveled to since high school: A cruise to the Amazon – gifted from my sister in law – totally thrilled me!

Traits I admire most in a person: Consideration, unselfishness, and Christlikeness are some important traits to have.

Favourite CUC memory: Darlene Reimche singing the Lord’s Prayer every night after lights out!

Song that reminds me most of our senior year: I Believe

Advice I would give to a graduating senior: Things are nice to have, but understanding God, and loving your neighbour do the heart so much good