Yvonne Livadney Norhton

Yvonne Livadney Norhton



After graduation in ’69 I attended Walla Walla College for one year. Only weeks before leaving for LLU to take dental assisting, I accepted a job in Calgary to be trained and work for Dr. Garry Ziegenhagel. In the fall of ’73 I went to work in Red Deer until June of ’74 when I married Ernie Norhton.

We lived in Consort, Alberta for approximately one and a half years before moving to Lloydminster. The years flew by with three busy kids and I returned to work when our youngest turned 16 and could legally drive.

It took a bit of stretching of the old brain to update my career from a “no mask and gloves” era to (jump about 25 years later) taking a correspospondence NAIT course to get certified while being employed. Three and a half years later (2004) we moved to seven acres just outside of Cochrane, Alberta and I returned to work for Drs. Ziegenhagel & Associates again. Garry retired shortly after his son, Tristan, joined the practice. I continue to work for Tristan, and according to him, will do so until he also retires! I enjoy my job and he is a great boss, so hopefully he doesn’t have to kick me out!

Life on an acreage is a lot of work, but we enjoy our time outdoors and our mountain view. Ern has a lanscaping/lawn business.
We still try to take a winter vacation, and since our son Todd has moved to Phoenix we have “cut back” on Hawaii to visit him. At this stage of life, nothing earthly is more important than friends and family. We are so glad our oldest daughter, Holly, lives in Calgary and we get to spend a lot of time with her. Heidi is married and also lives in Alberta.

We are thankful to God for health and happiness, friends and family.