Reunion Info

2019 Alumni Homecoming: Burman University

When: June 7-9, 2019

Where: Alumni Homecoming at Burman University (former CUC), Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

Our High School Class of 1969 is one of the honored classes at the 2019 Alumni Homecoming:

  • On Saturday, June 8, 2019, join our class for the Fellowship Lunch at 12:45 pm (PE Centre/gym). We are planning to reserve a table(s) for our Class of 1969.
  • An official Reunion class photo will be taken in the PE Centre/gym following lunch.
  • Following the Reunion class photo, our Class of 69 will gather for a private reception at the Eyez Lounge, Burman University Campus from 3-5 pm on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Senior Class History

Our CUC High School Class of 69 officially organized on Tuesday, February 11, 1969 in the Biology Room.  Unfortunately, some Junior Class “spies” observed the election of our class officers and broadcast the results of the elections that night.  In order to undermine the Junior’s credibility, Mr. Marx, our class sponsor, agreed to play the role of a CIA undercover agent the next day in chapel, where he announced a different roster of class officers! This was the beginning of our inevitable rivalry with the Junior Class–headed by two scheming officers–Monty Reid and Marik Dombsky.

Various Senior Class functions were held over the next few months, including a hay ride on the cold winter evening of February 22, 1969. Arriving at our destination at the Eaton farm, we enjoyed a blazing fire, a bubble gum blowing contest (won by Mary Radu), and hot chocolate. On March 16, we went swimming at the pool in Red Deer which was followed by 15 giant pizzas ordered from “Ye Olde Pizza Joint”. The price of a giant pizza in 1969 was $2.50.

On April 21, a truce as declared with the Junior Class. To celebrate, both classes sponsored a joint “Love-in” at the Alumni Cabin.  The afternoon festivities included “shamburgers”, a hootenanny, two “Our Gang” films, and the game called “Choo-choo Train”.  We celebrated the end of the academic year with the traditional Junior-Senior picnic at Red Lodge Park which included softball games, Capture the Flag, and some unexpected swims in the nearby river.

For some reason, we had difficulty ordering the customary senior class T-shirts, so we improvised.  Larry Gascoyne, our class treasurer, found a Goodwill Store which sold him several dozen white, men’s shirts and, with the help of Mr. Luchak, we had them silk-screened with our insignia–“SENIOR POWER”. We also had some metal buttons painted with the same design.

On May 30, 1969, our long-awaited Graduation weekend began.  Speakers included Elder A. Kaytor, Past President of the Alberta Conference who addressed us at the Consecration Service; Elder Paul Gordon, Associate Secretary of the E. G. White Estate led the Baccalaureate Service; and Elder R. H. Ferris, pastor of the Winnipeg Church offered the Commencement Address.

We looked amazing in those royal blue cap and gowns as we received congratulations from proud parents, relatives, and friends!


Class Song: CUC High School Class of 1969

High School Seniors ’69

Greatest class, of all time,

Cheer those Seniors.

There’s no other class that meets,

That can beat, or compete,

With those Seniors.

Always on the go we know you’ll find us,

Ever better than the class behind us.

We’re the Class of ’69

Graduation marks our time.

High School, bye, bye.

Class of 69: Senior Power button